Leos and leos compatible in love

It is safe to presume that they will value each other because of these primary values. What they will both value the most when they are together is their time for rest and their time for play. As if they were real little lions, these two are capable of truly enjoying their leisure time and each weekend could seem like paradise. Imagine a family of lions in the African savanna, lying around all day, then playing for a while, then licking their paws and calmly purring, well fed and happy.

This is exactly what a relationship of two Leos could look like.

Leo and Leo in friendship

As fixed signs, they will both be turned to a certain routine. Although the base for it will be the same for they are two Leos, they might do it in a different way.

For example, if one of them likes to show their admired personality in a club down the street, maybe the other will want to go to a fine restaurant and show good manners instead. Two Leo partners can do the impossible and this fact could keep them in a perfectly satisfying relationship for a long time.

If they begin a battle for supremacy, it might be a good idea to set the territory that each of them is in charge for. If one of them is the best at an emotional department, the other one can be the best in the sexual one. If they split their rules this way, it will be much easier for both of them to function and think of each other as worthy of the relationship.

What might make a loving relationship between them impossible is the lack of respect. If they catch this disease, it might be best for them to part ways and search for different partners. Leo sign - traits, horoscope, personality, dates, characteristics and astrological sign information. Leo man - information and insights on the Leo man.

Leo woman - information and insights on the Leo woman. Two Leo in love are not like a beautiful and charming fairytale, their story is going to be a proper and memorable romantic drama, like a movie. This overwhelming drama can either ruin the relationship or keep it alive, it depends on how the two Leo involved act and change.

They usually start as a love at first sight, with a deep glance between them. They know something is going to happen.

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Leo is like that, exaggerated and egocentric. But love for them is one of the best adventures in their lives and they enjoy living it to the limit.

Leo and Leo Nature and Nuances:

They can melt in adoration for their better half. In fact, a Leo couple worships each other.

Leo-Leo Compatibility

Their love story is full of music, colors, laughs, little details and romantic gifts. They can imagine they are in Rome while sitting in a random park, their imagination is over any limit. That is the reason why this combination of Leo and Leo makes some people jealous: In addition, Leo tends to flirt and to have weaknesses, but when they are truly in love they are very faithful.

If they are understanding and tolerant, everything will be ok. If a Leo-Leo couple wants it to work, they must leave their respective egos aside and be tolerant.

Leo and Leo Compatibility, Love, Sex, Life & Friendship

Even if their story sounds idyllic, they have the same problems as any couple or marriage, for example, their individual commitments, their respective families, and the family budget. A right money handling is especially important between two Leos. And, of course, this is a source of discussions and fights.

Leo and Leo in love, are, in general, a good match —as long as they respect, love and admire each other. Leo are natural born leaders, and we all know it. They are demanding, and in some cases, they can be too bossy or arrogant —even bullying! Leos are very loyal. They are known to love their family and friends unconditionally.


These individuals never falter when given the opportunity to lead and protect their family. Those born under this sign possess a forceful and positive outlook in life.

They prefer to surround themselves with equally optimistic people. As I have mentioned in my previous post, Leo in love is an extremely affectionate, loyal and doting partner. Being a Fire sign, these individuals fall in love fast and allow their emotions to get the better of them when bitten by the love bug.

Leo and Leo compatibility

These hopeless romantics take courtship seriously. Of course women under this sign expect nothing less from their suitors. These regal people expect utter loyalty and will not stand any form of infidelity from their partners.

Although Leos possess irresistible charm, they are trustworthy when committed and expect the same from the people they give their hearts to.

Leo Woman Leo Man Compatibility

What happens when two Leos fall for each other? Read on to find out if these two match well. Irresistible Leo woman gets attracted to a man who showers her with compliments and falls in love with someone who gives her love and respect.

She likes to be in control but when in love, this lady will pass the baton to her man when it comes to decision making. The Lioness is very kind and generous, always thinking of ways to show her appreciation for the love of her life.

All she wants in return is sincere devotion from her man.

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  4. This lady may have a lot of admirers but she only has eyes for the one she loves and expects the same level of faithfulness from her partner.