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Alchemy is a mechanical preference that refers to different levels of refinement. It is thought that there are four levels: It is also believed that the levels are not absolute: Alchemy is again something that you are born with, and it seems to be hereditary.

Families tend to have the same or similar alchemies. In relation to attraction, alchemy is different than type or center of gravity. In this case opposites do not attract, because really there are no opposites, but simply a natural affinity for certain types of impressions.

If you have a copper alchemy, for instance, you will be a lot more likely to be drawn to gardening or caring for animals. In other words someone with a copper alchemy will have a more organic essence. Silver alchemy people are very practical about the objects they buy and the clothes that they wear.

They like things that work well.

Venusian types

They may, for instance, buy a watch, not because it is the most beautiful watch, but because it is well built and easy to read. A person with a gold alchemy is first attracted to objects, not because they are functional or because they are needed, but because they are beautiful.

You can imagine why this might create difficulties in relationships. Usually this is not so much of an issue because attractions between people with widely different alchemies are not the norm. Normally attractions occur between people with the same or at least similar alchemies. There are other maps—maps that refer to weaknesses like dominance and greed and fear in personality.

Many books have been written about personality types. And, of course, Jung had great insights in this area. The problem with mapping the human personality is that personality has no objective, physical base.

Personality is based on programming—our upbringing, our education, our traumas—and is therefore endlessly complex and changeable. The other problem with mapping personality is that many of its likes and dislikes are borrowed. An introverted man may have an extroverted personality because the culture he lives in demands it.

In our times it not unusual for personality to cover essence to such an extent that natural attractions are clouded over with likes and dislikes that have nothing to do with what is real in us. If you do not know your essence, you do not know yourself, or at least an important part of yourself. And if you do not know yourself, your foundation for loving another person will be, at best, shaky.

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In this article I have talked about a few of the factors that make up human individuality and how these factors affect attraction, but you should not conclude from this that maps like type, center of gravity, and alchemy are responsible for the love we feel for other people. Attraction is one thing, love is another.

It is a great thing when our love is supported by an attraction in essence. It is one of the compensations for all the suffering in this life. Essence is responsible for our humanity. If we had no physical base for our attractions, or for our feelings connected to fundamental human relationships like parenting or brotherhood, it would be impossible for us to know enough about love to be able to extend our feelings of empathy and compassion to the rest of humanity.

Family feelings and attractions give us a taste of what is possible on a much greater scale.

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Chief feature is part of our personality. It is the primary weakness by which we respond to or color the world. Though it can refer to essence—for instance certain types have a predisposition for certain weaknesses—it is more likely to be a result of upbringing or education or trauma.

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In a sense it is how we mechanically cope with difficulties. In the fourth way chief feature is made passive by making self-remembering active.

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The triad would be, active force: For instance if your chief feature is fear and you find that you react to meeting new people by becoming emotionally paralyzed, the way we work on this in the fourth way is to concentrate on bringing self-remembering to the moment.

This makes the fear passive; it is there, but instead of being the center of your focus, it is now the denying force to self-remembering. And the awareness it brings, if it is strong enough, results in a greater understanding of the situation. You may, for example, see that the person you are afraid of is also afraid, or that they are reacting to you in another equally mechanical way.

This is just one example. There are many chief features and many possible triads. For more on chief feature see: Your email address will not be published. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Your generosity will assist me in paying to keep Be Present First up and allow me to write new articles.

Available in epub and pdf formats. The head is round and the chin is short. The torso is also round and the legs short and thin. The skin and hair are lackluster. In fact, there is often a dearth of hair. Of all the Bodytypes, the Lunar is most prone to roundness like the moon due to obesity.

The Lunar is the most sensual type — they love their food. Named after Mercury Hermes , in mythology the messenger god. Vulcan was the "smith" of the pantheon. This Bodytype corresponds to the Artisan Role.

Type and Other Maps of Human Individuality

It is usually lean and short, as Mercury was said to be agile without being muscular. The body is energetic but is not geared for physical activity so much as for mental activity — the creation and conveyance of ideas and words. Male Mercurials are the most prone of the Bodytypes to wear a mustache or beard.

The personality is perceptive, impulsive, and restless. Mercurials look boyish or girlish rather than mannish or womanish. Named after Saturn Chronos , the god of time and agriculture.

This Bodytype corresponds to the Scholar Role. The outermost visible planet encompasses all the others, as the Scholar Role encompasses all the others.

The primary distinguishing characteristic here is the bone structure. The bones are large, but the body is nevertheless tall and thin, thus emphasizing the bonyness. The hands and feet are big and gnarled.

The face is long, and the head is also chiseled and angular, with projecting cheekbones, prominent nose, square jaw and large teeth. They have a serious but gentle demeanor.

They think and move slowly. This is one of the three most masculine Bodytypes. Named after Venus Aphrodite , the goddess of love and fertility.

This Bodytype corresponds to the Sage Role. Consequently this is a beautiful or handsome body. I don't just mean OK to look upon. I mean it is very pleasant to look upon, whether male or female. The skin is clear of blemishes, the hair is bountiful and lush, the features are attractive to the point of being distinguished, the body is well proportioned, tending to no extreme or irregularities.

They eyes are large and dark. The skin is darker than usual. Venusians could be models. Some Venusians have a tendency to let their looks go to pot.

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Named after the Sun Sol, Helios. Venusian people are warm and loving as well as socially adept. They enjoy being with loved ones and are often at a disadvantage when alone.

More than any other planetary type the Venus type recognises the power that being with a loved one gives one to cope with life creatively. Every work that requires collaboration and co-operation for a common purpose is under the influence of Venus, which enables people to see common interests where Mars causes them to see points of difference. It may be said that as a good Jupiter gives prosperity, so Venus gives happiness, by harmonising the emotions.

A prominent but afflicted Venus gives laziness, dependence on others, carelessness, lack of enterprise, daydreaming, and impracticality. The attractions bestowed by the planet may be used to secure advantages.

The action of the planet is gentle and harmonious, but not very strong as regards things of the physical world.