Customer Driven Excellence

Customer Driven Excellence

Customer Driven Excellence

Voice of Customer (VoC) Studies: This is a unique initiative wherein Customers are interviewed face to face in the discussion mode (open ended). The conventional Customer Satisfaction survey does not tell us what actions need to be taken for improvement as it largely throws up only numbers.

VoC provides Customer insights

  1. Pain Points of Customers
  2. Insights
  3. Recommendations from Customers on improvement

Designing the Customer Experience: This is a best practice to evolve a strategy and time bound action plans to enhance the Customer experience at all key touch points to achieve tangible business results as well as Improving Customer Satisfaction.

Improving Sales productivity and effectiveness: This is an initiative where the sales / channel teams are assessed along with Sales processes to measure sales effectiveness and a workshop is conducted on the improvement plans. Post the workshop the sales engagement processes are improved with an agreed set of effectiveness measures to ascertain benefits. The same can be done for Service and Support processes as well.

Evolving Market / Customer Strategies: One of the challenges organizations face is to sustain an increase in Business Revenue. The process of segmenting Customers and markets help organizations to target Customers offering them a unique Value Proposition.

Increasing business and Customer retention in B2B segments (Key Account Management): In B2B segments there is a compelling need to not only retain but to also increase Share of Wallet in Key Accounts. Key Account management involves Account Profiling, evolving Key Account strategies and mapping Opportunities with an objective of Relationship building, Customer retention, competitive attack and increase in Share of Wallet in the B2B segment.

Building a Customer Centric Culture: In order to serve Customers better and to improve Customer Delight, an organization has to ensure that Customer centricity is a DNA of the organization. The methodology consists of developing a Road map to achieve high levels of Customer centricity through strategies developed through Voice of employee and Customer studies.

Dealer Management and Effectiveness: In a competitive scenario, channel performance is a key success factor. Usually organizations face challenges to evaluate and improve channel sales / Service and also in some cases viability. The methodology to improve involves doing an in depth “Voice of Dealer” study and also deep dive on key dealer processes.